If you have lived in or around Chicago you know that the weather is not predictable.  Storms can come up suddenly and sometimes many times each year.  When hail and wind are present they cause all sorts of damage to your roof, siding and windows and in some cases the interior of your home is also compromised.  The damages can be cosmetic but often times they can harm your entire roofing structure.  Our experienced roofing inspectors know exactly what to look for after a big storm has impacted your roof. They can spot potential problem that would normally go unnoticed by an untrained eye. 


Many times if you have hail and wind damage it will be covered by your homeowners or business insurance policy.  Here at Ferravit Remodeling we are experts at working with you and your insurance company to help you successfully resolve your claim and get your roof put back together the right way. You certainly don’t want to cut corners when repairing the wind or hail damage your roof has received from a storm.  We interact with most insurance companies on a regular basis.  Our claim estimates get approved quickly and we can get to work right away making your roof great again. 

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